Why don't Bors-ng pages update automatically?

Many times we see a message saying that the info displayed has changed and asking us to reload the page to see these changes. I wonder why the page doesn't just reload. Wouldn't this be a better experience for the user?

I wanted to avoid situations where a button moved while you were trying to click it. Misclicks are annoying.

I think that the situation where something will move when you were trying to click it will be a very rare situation, while having to reload is very usual. All modern applications update automatically, for example CircleCI interface comes as a quick example to my mind

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Sites with really good auto-updating employ a number of complicated tricks to make it usable. We could design the UI so that it only places new things at the bottom, only modifies the existing items without adding or removing new ones, and/or only updated the UI when the mouse hasn't moved in the last N seconds.

I am not actually opposed to implementing such things in bors, but it hasn't been prioritized so far. Besides, I wanted to wait until Phoenix LiveView became stable before doing anything that would use it.

Thanks for the explanation, makes sense. I hope this is considered when new updates to the front end are considered in the future :slight_smile: Do you think I should create a Github issue to track this?

Sure, sounds like a good idea.

Done https://github.com/bors-ng/bors-ng/issues/977