What does "r+wc" mean within the Mozreview system

@mythmon You mentioned that bors “doesn’t understand r+wc” .

What’s r+wc do? Would it be useful? Google’s giving me nothing useful; all that’s ever really mentioned is “r+” itself, and I realize that (in the mozreview system, it’s actually just a signal to the build sheriffs to include the patch into the next nightly on the release train). Is it “approve with next commit” or something?

r+wc means “review approved, with comments”, and is usually meant as “fix these problems and then merge”. I usually see it in places where the original author already has the power to merge, regardless of review, such as mozilla-central. I don’t know of any automated systems that include a feature like this.

I think that my actions in that Github issue are basically what the r+wc pattern implies: it is giving over control to the author. bors delegate+ can do that today. “approve with next commit” sounds surprising to me, and I think keeping more explicit signals would be good.

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Okay, thanks for the explanation. It looks like delegate pretty much does the job already.