Using GitHub Actions for bors-implemented GitHub-enforced checks

This might be a smidge out of scope, but I noticed for GitHub-implemented branch protection rules (like # of approvers or CODEOWNERS) have been re-implemented in bors so users can still have them. This has the drawbacks of A) Making more code for bors to maintain and B) requiring the feature have a similar UX to the original feature.

What if instead of implementing these things inside of bors (which should ideally only be responsible for checking checks and merge-queueing and the like) bors authored and advocated for the usage of a GitHub Action implementation which then could be listed in pr-status in bors.toml


If I wanted CODEOWNERS checks, I would set up a little GitHub Action (provided by bors, since I don't see one in the community today) like so:

# .github/workflows/owners_check.yml
    branches: [master

name: CODEOWNERS Check

    name: CODEOWNERS Check
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: actions/checkout@v1
    - uses: bors-ng/codeowners-check@v1

and my bors.toml would list CODEOWNERS Check as a pr-status.

(The same goes for # of approvers or any other GitHub-implemented branch protection check that bors users might want)


  • Less code inside of bors to run
  • Open source action that others outside of bors can use and contribute to
  • Less configuration == less confusing for clients
  • Easier to push out new features (just use a later version)
    • E.g. There's a feature to see who is missing, that's easy enough to do in the action. And upgrading the action is easier than upgrading bors.
  • Can implement in any language :tada:
  • Less permissions required by bors


  • Something else to maintain
  • Migration cost of existing users (if so desired)