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I’m trying to use Bors with GitHub + GitLab CI, and I’m running into a status name issue. GitLab CI doesn’t have consistent status names, so when using the trying/staging set-up it pushes updates to respectively ci/gitlab/trying and ci/gitlab/staging. I’m using the latter in bors.toml right now to get bors r+ to work, but as a result I get time-outs when doing bors try.

Is there a way to work around this? GitLab is going to add consistent status names, but those will be tied to the hostname of the system running CI (ie. ci/gitlab/host-name) and I’d prefer not to rely on that.

Repo at, example time-out, but r+ works

There doesn’t seem to be a nice way to do that in Bors, as it currently exists.

The best way to fix it would probably be to allow globbing in the status lines. For example, ci/gitlab/* would match anything that starts with ci/gitlab/.

Anybody around who’d want to try implementing that? I’d be happy to help walk you through any info you’d need to do it.

OK, thanks. I don’t really have the time to look into this myself (and lack the Rust experience to do so efficiently), so I’ll probably wait for the GitLab workaround instead.
Should I open an issue about this?


Will this work?

Oh great! Need to trial some more, but definitely looks like it’s working as expected. Thanks!

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