Thank you for making bors!

Thank you everyone who contributed to bors-ng and especially to @notriddle!

We've been using it for a while in IntelliJ-Rust, and it really, really improved the whole development experience!

Now, the bors workflow even for single developer feels much better then the previous ./gradle check && git push, and it absolutely shines when it comes to pull requests from contributors.



Our team has been using bors-ng in a low-bandwidth environment in the D. R. Congo to great success. It’s a huge timesaver! Thanks @notriddle!

How does GitHub itself work out there? Just curious; I know it’ll present the UI long before the JavaScript is done loading (even American DSL isn’t fast enough to hide Discourse’s disregard for performance), but other than that I’m not sure how it is.

I’ve been quite impressed at the responsiveness of GitHub. From my impression, it is heavily cached which makes it fairly easy to load after the initial download of assets and resources. However, it also has a tendency to reload at the most inopportune times, such as navigating between the review/files and the main comment thread of a Pull Request. Despite a few quirks like that, it is pretty snappy.

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That's nice to hear :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for this tool it works, very well :smiley: