Running Bors using `docker-compose` - how to enable HTTPS?

I was able to set up Bors using docker-compose as described in the tutorial here: Setting up bors with docker-compose

I now have Bors running, and I am able to access the dashboard at http://bors.mydomain.example (replace mydomain.example with my actual domain name).

However, if I try to access https://bors.mydomain.example, I get an Unable to connect error.

When I SSH into my server, I can access the dashboard at http://localhost and, but I can't connect to https://localhost or So it's not a firewall issue.

How can I set up Bors to serve over HTTPS instead of HTTP?

Bors itself doesn't really know how to do that kind of thing. The way I recommend doing it is to run a Caddy or Nginx server as a reverse proxy to terminate TLS.

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I set up Nginx (with Let's Encrypt) as a reverse proxy, and it seems to be working great!

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