Require four eyes

I have a requirement that an author must not be allowed to merge his own pull request without another persons approval. My current take on this is to implement a Github bot that sets a green commit status as soon as this is the case and then have bors.toml contain

status = ["my-general-check", "different-person-approval"]

Has anyone else done something similar?

Don’t overengineer it. This is really a people problem, not an engineering problem. Code reviews are only good if the developers believe in them. If the developers believe in the policy, then they’ll do a good job regardless of the bot. If they don’t, then they’ll learn to appease the bot with the right keystrokes, while neglecting any meaningful review.

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I appreciate your input. I fully fully agree on a personal level, but there are some external stakeholders requiring four eyes on our stuff…

Depending on how much you want, maybe Reviewable would help? You can actually write reviewer policies in JavaScript, and it reports its results as a GitHub Status so you can use it with bors. I think @mithrandi uses it that way?

You got it!

Via you can now specify
required_approvals in your bors.toml now.


Wow! You were fast! Thanks! What’s funny is I just put together to solve this issue and had missed to track this thread… Rats!

Since my approach is more composable and doesn’t expand the scope of bors-ng, is still a feature you’d like to keep in bors-ng? An alternative would be to revert the change and rely on four-eyes instead.

Most of the work to implement it already had to be done to fix PRs requiring reviews fail bors silently anyway. Wish I had known, you could've saved a lot of work.

Don't feel too bad about not staying on top of bors-ng's roadmap; it really doesn't have one :blush: