Repo members via team no longer have bors access

Sometime over the past week or two, any github repo members who previously had push access indirectly through a team have lost bors repo membership both for the "reviewer" and "member" categories to those repos.

Repo members who are directly added to a repo, ex: with "write" access, are unaffected by this change and still have access like they normally do.

For myself, for example, I had access to about 30 repos through a team which used to all show in the "Repositories" part of my bors dashboard. Now I see zero.

I'm further debugging, but there is nothing unusual in the bors logs. I'm trying to get access to dig in further to the app at the GH org level to see if there is something unusual in there.

Up until yesterday, we were on a fairly old commit from about 1 year ago, a4d04fd. We bumped to HEAD yesterday for the docker build, 5977787, but same issue.

Any ideas?


Resolved. Details shortly.

There was a bors app org members read permission that was not applied on the app config at the org level. After applying that, re-syncronizing the bors repos for reviewers/member updates was required. Teams are now being recognized again as valid repo/bors members. Presumably that permission was lacking for quite some time although I can't confirm that 100%. If so, odd that this issue just appeared sometime last week.

It may have been because someone pressed the "Synchronize Reviewers" button sometime last week, but the necessary GitHub app permission had been missing for longer.