"Rejected by PR status" despite the check is validated


I've already opened an issue here, but I realized after you have a dedicated place for the support. Sorry for the duplication. Our team workflow is slow currently because of this bors issue we have.

We have troubles with bors refusing to merge our PRs despite all the PR checks are validated.

We have a CI running to check a label has been put to the PR.
This check is put into the bors.toml as pr-status, see our settings

status = [
    'Tests on ubuntu-18.04 with stable',
    'Tests on macos-latest with stable',
    'Tests on windows-latest with stable',
    'Run Rustfmt',
pr_status = ['Specify breaking']
# 3 hours timeout
timeout-sec = 10800

We suceeded to merge other PRs, but we don't know why, for some of them, bors refuses to merge despite

  • all the check are green :white_check_mark:
  • no check are Required by GitHub
  • the branch up to date with main

The error is "Rejected by PR status"
In the dashboard, we don't have any history since Bors did not even launch.

Concerned PRs:

And we don't have this problem for every PR. It's random.

Thanks in advance for your help :pray:

Another PR: Improve the fuzzer of the flatten crate by irevoire · Pull Request #503 · meilisearch/milli · GitHub