Registering a new GitHub app to setup a bors instance: which events to subscribe to

I'm working towards setting up my own instance of bors-ng.
I'm following the guide from the readme: GitHub - bors-ng/bors-ng: 👁 A merge bot for GitHub Pull Requests

In the step where you setup a GitHub app, I'm not entirely sure which events to subscribe to. I currently have selected these, based on what sounded most logical to me:

  • Plus the pull request and pull request comment events

Does someone know where I can find a complete list of events necessary, or know which ones to use?

The events that need checked are:

  • Check Suite
  • Check Run
  • Issue Comment
  • Member
  • Membership
  • Organization
  • Pull Request
  • Pull Request Review
  • Pull Request Review Comment
  • Repository
  • Status
  • Team

Thanks a lot!