Pre-approving PRs in bors before they are approved in Github

We have recently started using bors-ng, and are loving it. There is a feature that would be useful for us, and I'm wondering if it is possible to config/would be accepted as a change.

Our workflow is that we require at least one review on a Github PR before merge, but then it is the authors responsibilty to choose the timing of adding the PR to the merge queue.

So the normal flow, it goes:

  • Review adds Github review
  • Author adds bors r+, magic happens.

For trivial PRs, in our old tool the author could "pre-queue" the PR so that as soon as the Github review was added, the merge process would begin automatically.

Unfortunately, if you try:

  • Author adds bors r+
  • Wait for GH review

All that happens is that bors tells you (correctly) that it cannot yet merge the PR because it has no reviewers.

Is there a way to achieve this workflow? We can obviously work around it manually by the author leaving a comment for the reviewer to bors r+, but it feels clunky.

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If it's useful to anyone else, I forked Bors-ng and added waiting (rather than erroring) as the default response to missing reviews (or missing code owner reviews).

If people feel this is a saner default behaviour, I can also put this together as a PR.

The forked repo is here: GitHub - Blissfully/bors-ng: 👁 A merge bot for GitHub Pull Requests

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I'd definitely like to see this merged, perhaps behind a config option.