New error - SyncerInstallation

15:48:46.412 [error] Task #PID<0.6544.50> started from #PID<0.6514.50> terminating
** (MatchError) no match of right hand side value: {:error, {:already_registered, #PID<0.6537.50>}}
    (bors) lib/worker/syncer_installation.ex:50: BorsNG.Worker.SyncerInstallation.synchronize_installation/1
    (elixir) lib/task/supervised.ex:89: Task.Supervised.do_apply/2
    (stdlib) proc_lib.erl:249: :proc_lib.init_p_do_apply/3
Function: #Function<5.34238268/0 in BorsNG.Worker.SyncerInstallation.start_synchronize_installation/1>
    Args: []

Hello jmcfallargo.

From the error log I would assume that, for any reason, the syncer tried to start twice.

My guess would be that, for some reason, a project installation request was sent twice at the same time (you know when you send more than one time the same form on an browser ? just like this).

Could you provide more context on how/when this error happened ?

Because of what I said before, I am guessing that this is not an issue (as in does not affect the system at all)