[invalid] Revoking an `r+` holds back all PRs in the batch

The scenario was as follows:

3 PRs were scheduled for merging. When their batch started, one of them had their r+ revoked by saying r-. The 2 remaining PRs are Canceled (will resume). Is there a way to merge those two independently / in a batch of 2?

It all started here: https://github.com/rchain/rchain/pull/2100#issuecomment-460205793

I’ve tried r+-ing the ohter 2 PRs, but got Already running a review.

Would you agree that it’d make sense for bors to re-start a batch for the non-revoked PRs immediately, without waiting for the revoked one (especially that build results won’t be reused and it’ll take time till the revoked PR is fixed)?


Turns out bors has done exactly what I expected, just 5 minutes later. I'm pretty sure there were no other builds running at that time though... :thinking:

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