How to tell who the author and reviewer were from the git history

After merging together all of your stuff into a batch, bors produces commit messages that look like this:

Merge #102 #103

102: Rename bifurcate() to bifurcateCrab() r=jereme a=ulric

Removes one obstacle on the way to the tower.

Fixes #96

103: Make sure that bifurcateCrab() is called not only after landing on top of one, but is also called after crawling underneath it r=aelita a=odd

Fixes #100 and generally helps to avoid wasting time

The GitHub username of the PR author can be found at the end of the heading lines, In this case, #102 was authored by @ulric and #103 was authored by @odd.

The r= part is populated by the pull request’s reviewer. Normally, when bors r+ is used, this is implicitly set to the username who r+-ed it, but the bors r= command can be used by anyone with reviewer permissions to change who is recorded as the reviewer; it’s just a string. If @aelita wanted to, she could run bors r=jereme,odd,sissi,morales, even though @jereme is another reviewer, @odd doesn’t have reviewer permissions, they’re operating on a private GitHub repo that @sissi doesn’t have access to it at all, and Coach Moralés doesn’t even have a GitHub account.