How to give merge permission to other Github Apps?

Hi all,

Love the bot!
I have a self-hosted setup and the bot works, but I had the idea of writing another "smaller" one to decide if a PR is to be auto merged and leave a comment.

The problem I'm hitting is that I'm not sure how to allow that other bot (probot GitHub app) to "bors r+".

:lock: Permission denied

Existing reviewers: click here to make a reviewer.

That doesn't work since the bots aren't GitHub users.

Is there a way to allow other bots to be recognized contributors?

Just managed to add the bot "user" in the link_user_project table:

insert into link_user_project values (6,2);

Will need to wait and see if that does the trick. (when next dependabot comes around)

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It does seem to work, for a while at least.

Updating the user list from the UI wipes out the change - expected.
I also think adding the bot to a new GitHub repo causes a re-sync which wipes out all the custom entries on all projects.

Other than that, I think it works.

In the Settings screen, set the Synchronize option to None. Then hit Update, and it won’t automatically wipe out your settings any more.

Ah, makes sense now! :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip.

This sorts out that problem and makes it more of a complete workaround.

Once the bot account comments on a PR, bors picks it up on the users table. From that point on you can directly do the insert:

insert into link_user_project values (6,2); // lookup ids from users and projects table

Then go on all the bot users' projects and set sync to none, click update.

I suspect you might be able to add the bot via the UI after updating to none, but you have to know the full name as it's in the DB. I just went the other way around :slight_smile: