How to change the commit message format?

Right now bors builds the staging branch with a commit like XXX: THE_ORIGINAL_PR_MESSAGE, where XXX is the number linking to the github PR. However this fails commitlint standard message style. As such the branch fails to build. How can we control the text of the commit so that it follows our convention of allowed commits

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Right now, there’s no support for changing the commit format. I’m not fundamentally opposed to the idea; it just isn’t done yet.

I;d be very interested in this. BORS solves a unique issue with us that it allows us to approve FORKED PRs to grant access to secrets because it runs on our own branch.

THe issue is that our current process relies on the final merge commit subject including a [semver:XXX] that is used by the release process.

Without this our publish job will fail. We would need ability to influence the commit message on a per-PR basis.

We would also like the ability to customise the commit message.