Handling temporary CI failures


Howdy! I’m setting up a bors instance for a private github org where we currently use gitlab CI. I have a weird problem that I’m tracking down where the gitlab CI check on github reports failure as soon as it starts, and a second or two later changes to “in progress”.

I’m hoping we can fix this gitlab CI + github check issue, but if we can’t, is there any way that we can teach bors how to handle this? I’m thinking of something like a check-timeout parameter, where if bors receives a status check failure, it’ll delay by the timeout parameter and re-check the status of that job (either by making a request to github, or just seeing if a newer status update was received in the meantime). Is this possible, and if so, how painful would it be to implement?



We’ve fixed it on our gitlab CI hook. It just wasn’t properly handling a “pending” status, whoops!