Getting rust-threadpool moved to its own org

Moving the conversation out of the bugtracker, did uninstalling and reinstalling the public bors-ng instance fix the problem in rust-threadpool? I notice that, according to the dashboard, bors still thinks that the repo is owned by frewsxcv.

CC @frewsxcv

Removing the repo didn’t even work, because it really doesn’t like it when the Installation ID changes while the Repository ID doesn’t.

I ended up removing the repository by hand from the database to get it working again. If you need to fix this problem (before #219 gets fixed), just leave a comment here and I’ll fix it.

Wait a minute. @frewsxcv?

It’s going to time out waiting for AppVeyor’s build to finish.

Does it show the error in the dashboard?

Btw. I can not see the threadpool project in my dashboard.

You’re not set as a reviewer on that project. Sorry; those settings for wiped.

Another thing for people moving a repo between owners; AppVeyor needs re-enabled. It doesn’t follow you across moves either.