Failing to add a new repository

Hi, we've just moved a repository from a organisation member to the organisation directly and despite having enabled (and disabled) the repo a couple of times if fails to show up in the dashboard together with the other pre-existing repos.

This is the URL of the GH repo: and I've now quadruple checked the settings and compared item by item with other working ones. Any idea?

I'm seeing a similar issue, @therealprof were you able to make any progress? This is on the public instance - I don't see any repositories but have granted it access to one of our org's repos...

Ah nevermind, mine is a private repo and I'm now seeing that private repos aren't supported:

This instance is available to anybody with a public GitHub repository. Private repositories will be silently ignored.

Yeah, for us it actually fixed itself after a while (around 2 weeks give or take).

We just tried to add about an hour ago and it's not showing up (yet?) either.

edit: OK, it showed up after a few hours.