Empty "Additional Info" section on failed batch PR merge

Not sure how to diagnose the issue I'm having - is there a way to turn on logging? Logs on our cluster are empty too. Only happens on batched PR runs, single-PR runs merge in just fine

{:error, :push, ""}
{:error, :push, ""}
{:error, :push, ""}

We're having this same issue; having grabbed the API request in question and sent it from outside bors, it turns that that Github itself is returning an empty 500 response, which is why bors isn't logging anything more.

We've raised it as a support issue with Github (it started happening to us for all batches around 2 days ago) but haven't had much response yet.

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@ceschae / @nishant-shah-social : Github have told us they have identified and fixed the problem for us, and we've seen our first batch merge again. Hopefully it's back up and running for you too!