Contributing financially to bors-ng hosting/development

What is the most effective way to contribute $$ to the hosting or development costs of bors-ng?

I have come to rely upon bors-ng in my workflow. It’s an awesome tool and addresses many pain points for me and my team. I very much appreciate the active work and the open community, even if I haven’t been able to contribute as much as I would like.

Seeing the announcement that bors-ng is migrating to a paid tier on heroku makes me wonder what I can do to help!

Bors-NG is not low on money right now, and there's nothing in place to
assure everybody that their money is being spent the way they want it to.
If that changes, though, this forum will be the first place I mention it :heart:.

Also, I just gave you access to on Heroku. So if I disappear
or something, you can always slot your CC in there. Also, it means that you
can look at the logs or restart it if it goes out to lunch or something.
That sort of thing would be immensely helpful, and since you're regularly
using bors-ng at times of day when I'm not, you have insight into whether
it's working correctly.


That’s awesome. I’m actually curious if there are funding models that ensure that the money goes to hosting or some direct devops in particular. I’ve never heard of such a thing.

Good point about monitoring the app from 8ish hours ahead. I’ll be glad to keep an eye on it and restart as necessary.

Isn’t that basically what a nonprofit charter is?