Circleci batch canceled

Hi everyone!

I have an issue with Bors and CircleCI. I think I properly set my bors.toml file:

status = ["ci/circleci: sleep"]
# Uncomment this to use a two hour timeout.
# The default is one hour.
timeout_sec = 360
delete_merged_branches = true
use_squash_merge = true

So as you can see above, I just waiting for the CircleCI check called sleep. This job only does a 2m sleep.

The problem is when I type bors r+ it executes the sleep CircleCI workflow on staging, then the jobs were succeeded but the Bors batch got cancelled for some reason:

So because of that, the PR is not merged. Here is a history page screenshot:

The repo is this one:

And the Bors page is this one:

can you help to understand what is happening there?

Thank you very much!

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