Chrome extension?

Hello – I saw there was a Firefox extension for Bors + Github and was wondering if there's a Chrome extension in the works. If not, I'd be interested in helping develop the Chrome extension.

The existing extension here probably works in Chrome (WebExtension format is mostly-compatible between them, nowadays). It just hasn't been very thoroughly tested.

Ah, interesting. I'll try manually adding it to Chrome and see what happens.

Are there any plans to improve the functionality of the extension right now? I find the placement of the button by the extension a little out of the way and want to see if one can be added at the bottom of the PR page, maybe in the Close & Comment / Comment button group.

I can try making a PR for something like that if you're open to it.

Sure. The extension really is kinda badly implemented right now.

Looking at the implementation, it looks like bors.js tries to submit the comment through the UI, which I'm concerned can be subject to change since it's targeting classnames... Are there any issues or concerns with trying to use the Github API instead?

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Other than me being too lazy to bother with it, no. I see no problem with doing it through the actual API.

Here's a PR I made to update the dependencies / update the start:firefox command. Some pre-work before I start diving into it :slight_smile:

@notriddle One thing I'm wondering about is how I should go about handling future PRs / contributing to the extension. I usually split my PRs into reviewable chunks, but I don't want to become too annoying with all of this since this project is considered tangential to the actual bors-ng repo (at least according to this part of the RFC).

Should I keep splitting my work in these smaller PRs, or do you prefer one big one with all of the functionality? I'm happy to keep posting PRs here as soon as I get them ready. Let me know :slight_smile:

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Do it the normal way. I might wind up just giving you direct push permission for the repo, but for now, just open PRs the way you'd normally do it, and I'll probably r+ it.

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