Check matrix

Hi All,
We just started using bors and I was wondering about our not so peculiar yet not so common workflow where we run different CI based on paths.
You can see our CI workflows here: mirrord/.github/workflows at main · metalbear-co/mirrord · GitHub
I was wondering if bors would merge a PR that has the dummy ci label before all other checks finished and will trigger the ci label that might have meaning (in case the user changed both changelog and other files, this would trigger real checks for the files and dummy for changelog..)

Bors always marks things finished with the first status that matches the name. Whatever status is set in your bors.toml should be unique, otherwise things won't work, because bors doesn't know about your test matrix.

If you want to take advantage of GitHub Workflows test matrices, the easiest way to do it is to set a job that depends on all your other jobs and have bors listen for that. For example, this sample workflow file from xargo.