Changed pr_status not detected by bors

We've recently added a check for a changed changelog in our repository, which checks if the changelog was updated by a commit. This check can be skipped by applying a label to the PR. We have added this check to the pr_status config entry in bors.toml.

We see the following behaviour:

  • A PR is created, where the changelog is not modified.
  • The changelog check fails, and the status is set.
  • The label to skip the changelog check is applied, causing the check to run again.
  • Now the last commit in the PR has two status for the changelog check, a failed and a successful one.
  • When trying to merge the PR using bors, bors rejects this with the message ":-1: Rejected by PR status"

I would expect that bors sees the newer status, and allows merging the PR. Is this workflow currently supported by bors?

The behaviour can be seen in the following PR: Release v0.11.0-alpha.2 by Tiwalun · Pull Request #647 · probe-rs/probe-rs · GitHub.

Thanks for your help!