Buildbot/bors: github still expecting a status check after successful `bors try`


I've been setting up Bors with a privately hosted buildbot instance. It's almost working, but I'm having issues with the status checks.

Here's a screenshot showing the problem:

Bors saw that the buildbot posted a success status and commented, saying that the build has succeeded, yet GitHub seems to think that it is expecting a status update from buildbot. (Notice also that bors went silent after this, not responding to a ping or a retry -- separate issue?)

Here's the bors config:

status = [
timeout_sec = 7200

The name of the required buildbot status check, as seen in the branch protection rules, is "buildbot/buildbot-build-script" (same as above).

What I do find odd is that, on one of my other repos I had a "bors" status check, but in the problem repo there is not one listed. Yet bors is most certainly installed on the repo, as we have seen it commenting in response to requests. Perhaps this has something to do with it?

If I go to the commits view of trying branch on github, there is a green check mark next to the commit, suggesting that status reporting from buildbot is working. That and bors must have seen this status check in order to say that the build passed.

So I'm a little confused as to what's going on.

Any ideas? Thanks

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That’s because they are two different commits.

The PR page shows the commit status for the most recent commit on the pull request branch.

When you run bors try, it creates a new merge commit (merging your pull request and your master branch) and pushes that to trying. Since that’s a different commit, it doesn’t count with GitHub. Only bors knows about the connection between the trying commit and the pull request.

Hi! Thanks for the reply.

OK. Well that explains that. I shouldn't expect buildbot to report status for the commit on the end of the PR.

One remaining issue. Do I need to add a "required check" on bors in the branch protection settings?

Notice there's no "bors" entry in the list. On one of my other repos there is. Do I need it?


Here's the same settings on another repo. Here there is a "bors" entry in the status checks:

It’s not required, and GitHub won’t give you the option until you’ve already run at least one PR using bors.

Excellent! Thanks!

I think that’s my problems resolved.

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