Bors try results in "Not awaiting review", despite PR listed in dashboard


We've got a curious case at Add a troubleshooting section to the README file by adaszko · Pull Request #2052 · rchain/rchain · GitHub

We've followed What does it mean if bors responds with "Not Awaiting Review", but it didn't help.

Any ideas?

BTW just wanted you to know, that this is the first time I really don't know what's up with bors, with an overall great experience to date otherwise. Thank you for making bors, and making it so great! :slight_smile:

It seems bors try was not working because there already was a try build being run. A better message from bors would be helpful here :slight_smile:

I’ve opened an issue for fixing the garbage error message, since it seems like great E-easy fodder, and added bors try-, which really should’ve been there ages ago.

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