Bors push/commit not triggering github/pages task

Hey everyone,

We are using GitHub pages with the website living in our repository (docs/ folder). Whenever changes are pushed to the repository GitHub triggers a task that builds and deploys the website.

We noticed that this doesn't seem to work when using bors. No github pages task is triggered whenever bors commits/pushes. Other CI tasks get triggered just normally though. GitHub's help pages are not really clear but I assume this is the reason:

Pushes must come from a user account with a verified email address. You won't trigger a build if you use a deploy key to push to an organization's Pages repository.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Are there any known workarounds to make this work? :slight_smile:

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Yes, I've run into this problem. No, I've never figured out a solution. Sorry. This really seems to be GitHub's problem, since bors pushes pretty much act the same as "deploy key" pushes.


One solution is to use Travis to build and deploy your docs.

I’ve been doing that, and my docs build on every commit that Bors pushes, no problem.

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Here are three examples. In all of these repositories, all merges are performed by Bors. The docs are built and pushed during the Travis build.

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