Bors pending while travis build is finish

Hello, I have added a bors.toml file and made some change on new PR the travis-ci job is done but the PR is not merged and bors is in pending mode.

What I have missing ?

Hey @vonglasow!

Do you use appveyor to run your tests? If not, you probably should remove it from your bors.toml. I’m not 100% positive this is the problem, but bors is likely waiting for a response from appveyor before attempting a merge.

You can learn more about the syntax of the bors.toml file in the reference documentation.

You can also check your dashboard to see if there is any status update there!

@jniles thanks for your feedback, I have removed the appveyor part not sure also it’s the problem. I have tested with this PR and the status is blocked in waiting to run. I will merge it manually and rebase the first one.


Ok so now it works. I have just removed the appveyor but not sure it was the problem.
Thanks for your help

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