Bors-ng with new Travis-CI github integration


The old travis service in github recently got deprecated, and is now a github app.

Wondering if this is the reason for failures I am now seeing:
status = ["continuous-integration/travis-ci/push"]

And a change is required here?

Bors is stuck on Pending - running at the moment


I’ve been using "Travis CI - Branch"" which has been working since day one, if a tad slowly recently.


Are you up-to-date with the latest version of bors-ng? Because I’ve recently merged some fixes that should help that work.

You can see in this PR, for example, that bors is implicitly translating the old status name to the new check name. I never had to change the bors.toml itself; just update.


Ah amazing! Thank you both! I’ll update first and see if that fixes it! I did try “Travis CI - Branch” but thought it had timed out, maybe I was being impatient though