Bors keeps timing out!

Your test suite might be too slow

The default timeout is an hour. Does your build regularly take longer than that? Then add a rule like this to your bors.toml file:

# Set bors's timeout to 4 hours
timeout-sec = 14400

If you don't have a bors.toml file, you'll also need to manually write out the CI systems it listens to. When no file is present, bors will try to guess, but if there is a file then you need to manually specify everything. For example:

status = [

Your CI system might not be building

Make sure that your CI system is configured for building the staging branch:

Your CI system might have an excessive backlog

Check in your CI's dashboard to make sure it doesn't have nineteen builds backlogging everything.

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Note that the timeout clock starts when bors pushes the commit to the staging branch; so unless your CI system always starts every build immediately, you may need to allow for other builds in the queue ahead of this build to complete (ie. set a timeout that is several multiples of the individual build time)

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I wiki-fied this post, so anybody can edit it, and added a note based on what seemed to be affecting rhusics.

@kvark I think I know why your Travis CI builds are timing out so much lately. Have you tried canceling a few of those builds and some of those PRs?

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