Bors down?


Is bors down?

Hrm, I'd intended to link to a specific comment, but the forum stripped it.

Seems back now.

Yes, it was down. It's back up again.

Sorry about that.

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I set up a test repo a few days ago and Bors never responded to any pings. I checked everything I could, bors is enabled on the repo, the toml is there, and the PR shows up on the dashboard, but no comments or action on the PR. Have I missed something? Is this maybe related? add comment by cormacrelf · Pull Request #1 · cormacrelf/heater2 · GitHub

Remove the @ sign. It's just bors ping.

Oh I am an idiot thanks lol

I’ve only used dependabot and it requires an @

Looks like Bors is down again?

I'm getting an error, too:


Now it's back.

Bors was down for us today too.

Could have been part of the wider internet outage that was going on today?

It was down. It’s back up now.