Bors Broken For My GitHub Repo: All PRs Fail to Merge Due to Stale Status Check

Hey there!

Having some trouble with bors in my repo and now it won't merge anything. I had a GitHub actions status check called "Validate conventional PR title" that would run to make sure that PR titles matched a certain standard format.

I configured bors with the pr_status check for that, so that pull requests couldn't be merged by bors without that checking.

For some reason, bors got confused and it started saying that every PR wouldn't pass that status check, even though GitHub showed the status as passing.

To try and workaround I decided to remove the pr_status section from my bors.toml, and add a new job that would check the commit message during the CI run.

Despite totally removing the pr_check though, bors won't merge anything because that check is supposedly failing.

Is there any way to snap bors out of it?

Here's an example PR that Bors wouldn't merge:

And here's the error:

This PR was included in a batch that successfully built, but then failed to merge into main. It will not be retried.

Additional information:

{"message":"Required status check \"Validate conventional PR title\" is expected.","documentation_url":""}

Wait a second, I just realized it's saying the issue is my protected branch. :man_facepalming:

I'll see if that fixes it, sorry for the noise.