{:badmatch, {:error, :push, 422}} on batch


{{:badmatch, {:error, :push, 422}},
   {BorsNG.Worker.Batcher, :complete_batch, 3,
    [file: 'lib/worker/batcher.ex', line: 390]},
   {BorsNG.Worker.Batcher, :maybe_complete_batch, 1,
    [file: 'lib/worker/batcher.ex', line: 376]},
   {BorsNG.Worker.Batcher, :poll_, 1,
    [file: 'lib/worker/batcher.ex', line: 202]},
   {BorsNG.Worker.Batcher, :handle_info, 2,
    [file: 'lib/worker/batcher.ex', line: 184]},
   {:gen_server, :try_dispatch, 4,
    [file: 'gen_server.erl', line: 637]},
   {:gen_server, :handle_msg, 6,
    [file: 'gen_server.erl', line: 711]},
   {:proc_lib, :init_p_do_apply, 3,
    [file: 'proc_lib.erl', line: 249]}

CI is passing successfully, bors is cancelling due to the crash.

bors toml:

delete_merged_branches = true

pr_status = [

status = [
    "Travis CI - Branch",

Is this a permissions issue? (If so, bors should say something; it definitely has comment permissions.)

It succeeded after tweaking the protections so I’ll assume it was a permissions issue.

This is interesting, I think I now have a rough idea on what is happening. Will take a look later