Any reason for the lack of "retry" command?

servo-bors has retry, and it’s useful in a number of cases:

  • timeouts
  • sporadic CI errors, e.g. inability to download sources
  • intermittent code errors that we’d like to skip (for now!)

I’m really missing it in bors… Typying “bors r=” again (and, sometimes, again) is annoying.

Any reason for the lack of retry command?

Not really. It just hasn’t been implemented yet.

Do you see the need for it? Is it on the roadmap?


Bors-NG doesn’t really have a roadmap, but yes.

You'll be happy to know that bors-ng has retry now!

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I don’t think it’s working correctly in all cases, e.g. this command didn’t trigger any reaction from bors:

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