Any plans when bors will be shut down?


I, and surely also many others, rely heavily on bors. Is there a timeline, when bors will be shut down exactly? The blog post uses the phrase "will remain running for awhile", but doesn't specify what "awhile" means. Is it 3 months or rather 12, or maybe even more?

Either way: Thank you very much for this awesome tool!

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There are a few things that I'd like to see happen, which means it's not scheduled, but it is planned:

  • I'd like to see GitHub's built-in Merge Queue leave beta.
  • I'd like to see GHMQ become available on personal repos.
  • I'd like to see some of the bigger projects that use the public bors-ng instance switch to either self-hosting or GHMQ.
  • I'd like to see someone launch a fork of this project (I'm not handing control of the public instance over to anybody, though; that would be irresponsible).

I'll be waiting for most of these things to happen, but not necessarily all of them.


Awesome, that's the answer I hoped for, especially the first two points! Thank you a lot!

I'd hoped to play with GHMQs today, but alas the setting isn't yet available.

Do we know if it will be a matter of:

  • Turning on the merge queue in branch protection settings, as mentioned here.
  • Adding .github/workflows/blah.yml file containing the trivial on: definition shown here.
  • changing the name (or rather prefix) of the branch the CI service is monitoring (i.e. not staging and trying, but gh-readonly-queue/{base_branch} as mentioned here).


@notriddle Thanks for bors. We've been using it daily for years and it has served us well. For this we are grateful.

Thanks for bors, it has saved us a lot of work.

It'd be amazing if this could run until we have a non-beta Merge Queue. :slight_smile:

DDNet has moved off of bors to the GitHub merge queue. Again, thanks a lot for your continued service, bors has saved us lots of work. :heart:

Did you figure out how to not have GHMQs run the tests twice (when PR is raised, and when the "merge when ready" button is pressed)?

Hi, now that GHMQ's have been announced only to support Enterprise organizations and Public repositories only, which is expensive, or a non starter in other scenarios... Is there any chance the deprecation notice might be rolled back to continue supporting folks in-between those two use cases?

The public instance of bors-ng never supported private repositories. To use it on such as set-up, you've always needed to self-host, and you can still do that. It's not going to stop working until GitHub removes the REST API it relies on.

No, I have not. I'd also be interested in a solution to this.

Has anything changed since June? I'm still a little nervous that GHMQs may not be able to replicate the bors workflow...

Rereading the GH docs, it says:

A workflow that reports a check which is required by the target branch's protections would look like this:


So I wonder if it's just a matter of removing the pull_request line? Has anyone tried?