Any plans when bors will be shut down?


I, and surely also many others, rely heavily on bors. Is there a timeline, when bors will be shut down exactly? The blog post uses the phrase "will remain running for awhile", but doesn't specify what "awhile" means. Is it 3 months or rather 12, or maybe even more?

Either way: Thank you very much for this awesome tool!

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There are a few things that I'd like to see happen, which means it's not scheduled, but it is planned:

  • I'd like to see GitHub's built-in Merge Queue leave beta.
  • I'd like to see GHMQ become available on personal repos.
  • I'd like to see some of the bigger projects that use the public bors-ng instance switch to either self-hosting or GHMQ.
  • I'd like to see someone launch a fork of this project (I'm not handing control of the public instance over to anybody, though; that would be irresponsible).

I'll be waiting for most of these things to happen, but not necessarily all of them.


Awesome, that's the answer I hoped for, especially the first two points! Thank you a lot!

I'd hoped to play with GHMQs today, but alas the setting isn't yet available.

Do we know if it will be a matter of:

  • Turning on the merge queue in branch protection settings, as mentioned here.
  • Adding .github/workflows/blah.yml file containing the trivial on: definition shown here.
  • changing the name (or rather prefix) of the branch the CI service is monitoring (i.e. not staging and trying, but gh-readonly-queue/{base_branch} as mentioned here).


@notriddle Thanks for bors. We've been using it daily for years and it has served us well. For this we are grateful.

Thanks for bors, it has saved us a lot of work.

It'd be amazing if this could run until we have a non-beta Merge Queue. :slight_smile: