Add a "Bors enabled" badge for marketing/advertising

It’s pretty common for DevOps services to have a nice badge/shield that you can put in the README of your repository. For example, here is what the “Dependabot enabled” badge looks like:


Clicking on the badge takes you to the Dependabot home page.

Could we create a badge for Bors? Something like “Bors enabled” or “Powered by Bors” or “CI always green due to Bors”. And clicking on the badge would bring you to

Dependabot uses to generate their badges. Badgen badges are nice because they have the little icon in the badge, along with the text.

I think that creating a Bors badge would be relatively straightforward, and would only require a PR to to add an appropriate SVG of the Bors logo.

But first, we’d have to decide on the design of the badge, specifically the text content and the choice of color.

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Here’s an example of what it might look like:


But instead of the Git icon, we’d have the Bors eye.

The above icon was generated by the following Markdown:


I like the idea of having a badge design, but I don’t really want something that would involve inverting the colors on the eye. Maybe something a bit more custom, rather than just using a service like that?


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That’s a great idea.

And if it’s going to be custom, perhaps you can make it a little bigger? That way the Bors logo can show up in better detail/higher resolution.