About the Support category

If you are using bors-ng without modifying it, talk about it in here.

Some information that you might want to include, because it can help:

  • What instance is this? Is it the public instance (the one that’s linked to from bors.tech, called bors on GitHub, and uses the eye for its icon)? Is it your own instance? Or one run by your company or project?
  • If it’s not the public instance, what commit are you running? (the public instance pretty much always runs whatever’s in master)
  • Can you link to the pull request where stuff is going wrong?
  • If you go into the dashboard, then go to the repository where it’s failing, then go into History, are there any relevant-looking crash reports?

Complaints and questions are both acceptable, but rudeness is not: “this command is awkward to type” is a complaint, and you can post that kind of thing here if you want, but “the command syntax is so bad that nobody could possibly use it” is rude. Unless it’s obvious that you just don’t care about being polite, I’ll PM you asking you to rephrase it. Also, don’t reply to someone’s post telling them it’s rude, because that would compound the rudeness by also dragging it off-topic; Flag it (or send them a PM), then ignore it.