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Topic Replies Activity
About the Development category 1 August 21, 2017
Chrome extension? 9 December 9, 2019
Wait for CI to finish instead of rejecting immediately on bors r+ when CI is still "pending" 4 November 27, 2019
Add a new configuration option `status_wait_success` 5 October 25, 2019
Bors command reactji confirmations? 2 October 12, 2019
User defined aliases for Bors commands 6 October 7, 2019
Allow `merge` as an alias for `r+` 10 October 6, 2019
Allow Bors to Auto-Retry 2 September 18, 2019
Allow `delegate` to be abbreviated as `d` 5 September 14, 2019
Use a squash merge in Bors 28 September 9, 2019
Bors support for CODEOWNERS 7 September 9, 2019
Ability to create merge commits locally in self-hosted instances of Bors 7 August 13, 2019
Is anyone working on squash-merge for bors 1 June 19, 2019
Pre-test and Pre-merge hooks 14 June 18, 2019
Elixir and Erlang version update policy 6 July 2, 2019
Running custom code before and after the merge for continuous deployment (or other uses) 10 June 10, 2019
The bors button extension 3 June 9, 2019
Adopt a process for proposing, approving, and tracking major changes to bors-ng 3 March 20, 2019
Pre-RFC: Creating a formal decision-making process for bors-ng 7 February 20, 2019
Is there any good books to understand the fundamental of functional programming? 2 January 31, 2019
Reusing work 1 August 23, 2018
Would squashing be possible? 7 June 4, 2018
Port Bors-NG to Gitlab? 3 February 7, 2019
What does "r+wc" mean within the Mozreview system 4 November 8, 2018
Automatically giving access to repo admins? 6 November 8, 2018
How does this project relate to homu? 3 November 8, 2018
Contributing financially to bors-ng hosting/development 4 October 11, 2017